What you should know

sample imageAll cemeteries have rules and regulations regarding memorial work which are impartially enforced for the beautification and proper maintenance of the cemetery. It is therefore important to seek expert advice, not only regarding the rules but the type of memorial best suited to interpret the wishes of the family.

While the selection of a memorial should not be postponed you should not be unduly hurried into a decision. Do not be deceived by "cut-rate" prices. They are seldom if ever, a bargain. Remember, once a monument is purchased, it cannot be discarded or exchanged once it is placed in the cemetery.

Refinement, significance, and beauty in a memorial are the result of careful study on the part of an experienced company to interpret your wishes in the most artistic manner. These attributes are not measured by dollars and cents. They are as important in designing the modest headstone as in the costliest mausoleum.
Various types of monuments and memorials are shown on our web site. A decision must be made as to which type is best suited for the location, monetary concerns and the cemetery requirements. We can then work with you in creating a design which will symbolize love, devotion, and family esteem. True commemoration comes only through individually designed memorials whether for mausoleum, family monuments, or simple headstones. There are many good granites and marbles available but design is the first consideration. After a design has been selected, the material that will best interpret that design can be chosen.

Lastly, for peace of mind, and true commemoration, select a company whose integrity, talents, and dependability are clearly established and assured. We believe that Wiley Monuments & Memorials lives up to those high standards.





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